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The 2000 Skipping Stones Honor Award Winners

21 April 2000. Eugene, Oregon Looking forward to a great reading adventure? Skipping Stones magazine has announced the winners of the Seventh Annual Awards for multicultural and nature books, teaching resources, and educational videos. Titles selected this year encourage close relationships with nature and promote cultural diversity in our world. Reviews of these exceptional works for youth appear in Vol. 12, no. 3 (available June 1, 2000) We had received 131 entries for the 2000 Awards. Our multicultural selection committee consisted of twenty reviewers (including teachers, librarians, parents, students and editors). We recommend these exceptional books and videos in four different categories.

Ecology & Nature Books

These titles promote an understanding of natural systems, specific species or habitats, human, plant, and
animal relationships, resource conservation, environmental protection and restoration efforts, and sustainable living.

El Bebe más dulce del Mundo by Montse Gisbert. In Spanish. El Bebé tell the story of Zzum, a baby bee, and her life inside the hive. As an adult, she "gives birth" to honey thanks to the magic juice she collects. Includes facts and details about the bees. Elementary and middle grades. 1999. $15.90. Isbn: 84-8131-238-X 5 Tàndem Edicions, C/. San Vincente, 93, 1a, 46007 Valencia, Spain. (English & French translations available from the author: info@montsegisbert.com).

One Child
by Christopher Cheng. One Child demonstrates how much a single child can do to help save our environment. Using the imagery of a grimy stained glass window being cleaned to reveal its hidden beauty, this story is a moving and empowering message for children and adults. Elementary grades. 2000. $14.95. Crocodile Books, (an imprint of Interlink Publishing) 46 Crosby Street, Northampton, MA 01060; tel. (413) 582-7054; website: http://www.interlinkbooks.com/

One Good Apple by Catherine Paladino. With eloquent words and photographs, the author makes an urgent case for healthier agricultural practices, exploring everything from the destructiveness of pesticides and fertilizers to the smallest organisms and the water we drink. Middle grades. 1999. $15.00. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA.

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