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El bebé más dulce del mundo
by Montse Gisbert

In Spanish.Elementary and middle grades.
$15.90. ISBN: 84-8131-238-X-5.
Tàndem Edicions, C/.Sant Vicente, 93, 1a, 46007 Valencia, Spain.
(English & French translations available from info@montsegisbert.com).

Zzum's life is fascinating-once you start learning about her, you'll want to know it all ! The text and the illustrations sweep you throught to the end.
El bebé describes the life of a honeybee step by step, and every steps shows you the wonder of the process.From birth to death the bee works hard and loves its job.It has a secret, too: humans have not be able to find the recipe for honey.There are many things to learn.

The enthousiasm of the prose and the cheerful and imaginative illustrations make you breeze throught the book and encourage you to begin all over again once you reach the end.

El bebé is a great introduction to the life of the bee.Children of all ages will love it, and will hopefully inspired by it to learn more about bees.I am sure it will make all of us enjoy every drop of honey we eat even more.Read this book!

-Esther Celis, from Mexico, is our Spanish editor

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