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Bologna Children's book fair

24/04/07 - 27/04/07

Bologna international children's book fair 2007. Guest of honor: Brussels-Wallonnie (French community).
- The first exhibition titled Parade will bring to mind the humour, the fantasy and the brightness of the universe of the carnival festivities which have just been included in Unescos Immaterial Heritage. Fifteen artits: Jeanne Ashb, Anne Brouillard, Kitty Crowther, Anne Catherine de Bol, Claude K. Dubois, Josse Goffin, Anne Herbauts, Benot Jacques, Louis Joos, Pascal Lematre, Dominique Mwankumi, Jos Parrondo, Rascal, Mario Ramos and Marie Wabbes.
- A second and more extensive exhibition - Panorama - will host a kaleidoscope of the contemporary illustration among the french Community in Brussels-Wallonia with the published artwork of Jeanne Ashb, Anne Brouillard , Geneviève Casterman, Kikie Crèvecoeur, Kitty Crowther, Anne Catherine de Bol, Sibylle Delacroix, Albertine Deletaille, Claude K. Dubois, Emmanuelle Eeckhoudt, Jean-Luc Englebert, Bernadette Gervais, Montse Gisbert, Josse Goffin, Anne Herbauts, Elisabeth Ivanovsky, Benot Jacques, Emile Jadoul, Louis Joos, Gabriel Lefebvre, Pascal Lematre, Ania Lemin, Dominique Maes, Jean Maubille, David Merveille, Dominique Mwankumi, Jos Parrondo, Catherine Pineur, Ana Popovici, Rascal, Mario Ramos, Lisbeth Renardy, Emilie Seron, Stibane, Thisou, Quentin van Gijsel, Michel van Zeveren, Gabrielle Vincent, Marie Wabbes and Catherine Wilkin.
- A very beautiful exhibition : Wolf Erlbruch.
- Short walk throught the alleys of the fair : stand of the Valencia editor's, Rosa Serrano (Tandem editions) and Jean-Marie (Quiquandquoi editions), stand of Spain, stand of Catalonia (Catalan culture, will be the guest at the next Frankfurt book fair 2007), stand of Imaginarium.
- Meal at the Scuderia of the "Verdi Piazza" of Bologna, in company of Madam and Mr De Grand Ry (Alice Jeunesse), Rosa Serrano (Tandem editions), Marita Vermeulen (Eenhoorn publishers), Isabelle Buratti (Kalandraka Portugal), Els Aerts (Flemish Literature fund).