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International book fair

2/05/07 - 6/05/07

The award "Enfantaisie 2007" was given at the Geneva international book fair at the stand of the Payot Bookshop. For twenty years, this award has distinguished the best album for the children from 7 to 10 years old, the decision is made by a jury of children on the basis of seven albums pre-selected. The ceremony started with an amusing music by Alexandre Cellier and his partner Jean Duperrex, a perfect beginning! After that, a small speech by Pascal Vandenberghe, general manager of Payot Bookshop and Christophe Passer, editor of the magazine "L'illustré". finally, the children offers the price, in company of Celine Fossati, and they could explain why they had chosen "Almanavache". Adeline Yzac and Montse Gisbert answered the questions of the jury (the children were very intimidated, in fact). Then, it was time for a signings session (with quatres hands!). And to conclude this charming afternoon : a nice and friendly drink! Thanks to Payot Bookshop and the magazine "L'illustré" and all the team for their kindness : Celine Fossati (journalist, "L'illustré"), Natacha Décoppet (project manager, "Ringier Romandie"), Mariette Dudan (chargée de mission, Payot) who organize this cheerful event.