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"The fantastic primer
of Patam,the elephant"

Patam es un elefante un poco extravagante.
Patam is an elephant little bit outlandish.
De vez en cuando se le cruzan los cables
Once in a while he become crazy
y hace cosas extrañas y divertidas,
and he does stranges and amusing things,
como meter nieve en la nevera o llenar la bañera de botones.
like putting snow in the fridge or filling the bath with buttons.
Este elefante estrafalario nos enseña su abecedario,
This eccentric elephant teaches us its alphabet
letra a letra, con poesía y humor. Es fantástico!
letter by letter with poetry and humor. It's fantastic!
Text and illustrations by Montse Gisbert.

Published in Castilian and Catalonian.

We are in search of an editor for an English version do not hesitate to contact us!

Abacus bookstore, (Spain)
La Traca bookstore (Spain)
Book fair, Valencia (Spain)
The Alliance Française (Spain)

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  cover : El Abecedario fantástico de Patam, el elefante
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