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Art center Rouge-cloître
02/12/04 au 13/03/05

"Rivages d'enfance" : The art of illustration.
(Shores of childhood).
Creativity, spontaneousness, humour, magic, poetry, but also the realities of life are present in the contemporary literature for youth. The sector of children books is constantly growing. Today children books are illustrated by real artists. With this exhibition which will attract all ages, the Art center " Rouge-Cloître " pays tribute to eleven illustrators representing the diversity and the creativity (in the belgium french Community). Each of them expose their originals drawings from one of their albums. In collaboration with Labor editions and Alice Jeunesse, very special thanks to Dominique Maes.
Françoiz Breut, Marie de Salle, Montse Gisbert, Isabelle Jossa, Christian Lagrange, Didier Lange, Estelle Meens, Dominique Mertens, Lisbeth Renardy, Jean Roccour, Yaël Vent des Hove.